MyLittleAgency is a company offering personalized organizational services in Paris.

They can help you with everyday issues as well as give more specialized assistance in planning events, day trips and much more.

The goal of the company is to be inspired and creative while bringing together people, working towards the same goal while maintaining a calm, streamlined relation in the day-to-day projects, all this resulting in time and energy saved.

MyLittleAgency aims to serve all types of customers, our clients already including english-speaking tourists and expatriates living in Paris, as well as parisians who wish to ease their everyday life or to plan a very special event.

Need for organizational services? A guide to the city? Or an original gift for someone special? MyLittleAgency can help you with any of these requests either in part or whole. We make help simplify your life. Consider us your fairy godmother in Paris!

No, it's not magic, but simply the efficiency and the versatility of our team's many years of experience in production and communication as well as a roster of expert collaborators available at the drop of a hat.

Whatever your wishes may be, MyLittleAgency will provide you with the best solutions possible to all your needs.